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Master Your Inner Game

note: This is the third of three programs in Chicago Creative Coalition’s RE-Presenting Yourself series. It is a rare individual who can go into a presentation – whether to an individual or a large audience – without any anxiety.   Carolyn Potts, former photo rep and current creative consultant will expand on the talk she … Continue reading

Creative Collaboration in a Gig Economy

What does it mean to collaborate? “Going it alone” doesn’t mean we don’t need partners. It just means we need partners we can trust, who “get” our process, and that we can work with on a two-way street: someone who knows how to fill the gaps perfectly. But how do we find the best people … Continue reading

Beyond Body Language: Listening with Your Eyes!

note: This is the second of three programs in Chicago Creative Coalition’s RE-Presenting Yourself series. As creatives, you are often undervalued, underpaid and misunderstood. Over time, your nonverbal signals can either change to reflect less confidence, or sometimes overcompensate, and become harsh. It is imperative that you understand the nonverbal signals you send and receive. … Continue reading

C3 Artists Show at Oggi Chicago Gallery

Thirteen members of Chicago Creative Coalition will be showcasing some of their recent work at Oggi Gallery Chicago, February 15 to March 22, 2019. Closing party March 22, 6-9 p.m. Art. Music. Wine. Food. Fun! Oggi Chicago, which is located in the Heart of Italy neighborhood, is a blend of art studio, art gallery, art incubator … Continue reading

Improv for Sales, Storytelling and Life

If you’ve ever walked out of a pitch or important meeting with that sinking feeling of “If I’d only said SOMETHING different I could have landed the deal!” and then thought of something better on the drive home, you’re not alone. The good news: you can get better at storytelling and thinking on your feet. … Continue reading

Organize Your Shi_!

PROGRAM HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO WEDNESDAY, FEB. 6. DPO Flow – Organizing Digital Photos Join Certified Photo Organizer Caroline Guntur of OrganizingPhotos.net for a closer look at how to best organize your digital photos! You will learn how to designate a digital photo hub, how to create a consistent file naming convention, and get help on figuring out your … Continue reading

Holiday Pajama Party

Come in your jammies for board games and sammies! It’s going to be one of our merriest holiday parties ever for C3 members and guests … one where the dress code is your most colorful pair of PJs (holiday-themed, if possible). If you’re a sweatpants and T-shirt kind of person we won’t judge; but please … Continue reading

How to Be a Badass Creative

Congrats! You are a creative genius! As they say, that and five bucks will get you a latte. So how‘re you gonna make those five bucks, anyway? No matter how creative you are, whether you work alone or want to start a small company, you need to know some business basics. The evolution from being … Continue reading