About C3

Connecting Creatives
Chicago Creative Coalition enriches, educates and inspires creative lives. We provide the framework for creative collaboration through insightful, educational programming and unique opportunities for networking and creative expression.

Membership includes both women and men, mostly employed in communications arts professions: graphic designers, illustrators, web site designers, printers, interior designers, photographers, copywriters, pre-press technicians and educators.

A Brief History of C3
The Chicago Creative Coalition was founded in 1977 as Women In Design/Chicago. It was established as nonprofit professional society to support the interests of female designers, particularly in the Chicago area. The organization provided resources and references for its members, as well as holding annual meetings and events to showcase recent developments and members’ works.

In 1999 Women in Design/Chicago revised its Bylaws to become gender blind, changing its name to The Chicago Creative Coalition (C3). The mission too changed, and C3 became a source for creative advice, information and support for small creative-based business. Its aim was to engage the roster of designers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters, printers, webmasters and other creative professionals to connect in person and online in order to swap stories, exchange referrals, and help promote the creative professions.

For more information on C3 and our programs, send an email to c3@chicagocreative.org.