Adobe CS5: Tips, Tricks. But No Tablet, May 12, 2011

Adobe CS5: Tips, Tricks. But No Tablet

by Brent Brotine
Photos by Cindy McEwen and Michael Tanimura

Even Friend of C3 and technology Adobe expert Gary Adcock, principal of Studio 37, can fall prey to the digital goblins. Between a purloined laptop, an underpowered replacement, a balky wi-fi connection and an iPad 2 that wouldn’t play nice, our FMO program on Thursday, May 12 did get off to a late start—but amid the beverages and snacks none of the two dozen C3 members at T. J. Hine’s studio seemed to mind. Happily, Gary got rolling and we all sat back for an informative presentation on the latest and greatest from Adobe.

As expected from Adobe, the new tweaks in CS5 encompass all kinds of cool elements and enhanced capabilities. The major enhancements throughout the components allow designers and developers to broaden their capabilities for smartphones, tablet and ebooks, for consistency across screens of any size. There is also a new version of Photoshop, called Express, made just for iPads.Gary demonstrated such new features as content-aware fill in Photoshop that fills in the space left behind any removed object. A multiscreen preview in Dreamweaver that shows website designs of different resolutions side by side. Simplified object selection and editing in InDesign that lets you dynamically adjust white space between objects. And new 3D editing tools that provide a wide range of unusual effects and creative possibilities.

We also saw the amazing capabilities of the Puppet Warp tool, originally part of After Effects that has now been brought into Photoshop. This tool provides a visual mesh that lets you drastically distort specific image areas while leaving other areas intact.

With lots of give and take from the audience, and Gary’s always good-natured attitude, this was one of our most informative FMOs this year.