Author Tip: How To Choose The Correct Post Category

When you’re writing a blog post that provides new/useful information to our site visitors — i.e., a resource — you have three choices how to assign it to a category. Here are the guidelines to follow:

Arts & Creativity Resources identifies posts on the fine arts side of creativity; for and about painters, authors, crafters, sculptors and other artisans. Typical topics are:

  • Gallery and museum events
  • Creative inspiration and the artist’s process
  • Recent activities, showings and exhibitions of C3 members
  • The cultural scene in and around Chicago

Media Arts Resources identifies posts on the commercial arts side of creativity; for and about designers, illustrators, printers, copywriters, photographers and other communications arts practitioners. Typical topics are:

  • Graphic design, typography and illustration
  • Web site and user experience design and development
  • Video and motion graphics
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Technical topics, tutorials, software reviews and shortcuts

Small Business Resources¬†identifies posts on creative as a business; for and about running your own small company and succeeding in today’s world. Typical topics are:

  • Pricing your services
  • Legal issues with intellectual property and copyright
  • Tips for self-promotion and finding new clients
  • Dealing with difficult and/or slow-paying clients

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