Copyright Law and A.I.

What Every Creator Must Know

Using today’s A.I. tools for image and copy creation is amazing … time-saving … and rife with minefields. That’s because the answer is still unknown whether A.I. that has been “trained” on copyrighted works is completely safe to use.

To help C3ers and guests sort out this rapidly-changing situation, we’re pleased to have two legal experts providing guidance. Alexa Tipton and Victoria Hanson are associate attorneys with Irwin IP, a premier intellectual property legal firm in Chicago. They’ll bring you up to date on current legal issues affecting your work at our February meeting.

You’ll want to hear all about:

  • What is and isn’t “fair use”
  • How recent decisions by the Copyright Review Board are affecting the creation process
  • Current trademark infringement litigation between creators and A.I. providers that may affect the way forward
  • What information you should and shouldn’t use in your prompts

Bring your questions and concerns to this meeting, and you’ll leave with a much better understanding of using A.I. to create ad campaigns, logos, product names, emails and more without stepping on toes. Make plans now to join us in Eastlake’s elegant tenant lounge overlooking the Chicago River!

Thursday, February 29
Presentation begins at 7pm

$25 members
$35 non-members

Tenant Lounge (lower level)
Eastlake Studio
150 N. Wacker, Chicago

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