Expose Your Creativity: Go Bananas

little_beans_cafeJoin C3’s Chief Exploration Officer George Berlin and his band of wacky Creative Geniuses for this fun hands-on program about invention, curiosity, tinkering, making stuff, and asking “what if?”

Inquisitive kids and their respective grown-ups are invited to come explore “Scratch” a simple and intuitive programming environment made at MIT for kids of all ages. Our programmer gurus will lead you through the basics of creating simple interactive experiments that will get you started and ready to try more.

Adults love Scratch, too, for its robust and straightforward scripting capabilities- so don’t let the kids have all the fun! Join in!!

After that we’ll try out MaKey Makey- a simple interface device that lets almost ANYTHING control your computer. You can use bananas to play the piano, Play-Doh to drive a video game car, type with coins or even water! The possibilities are endless.

What will you make? Come with crazy ideas and a curious mind.

Your PC or Mac laptop will work for this activity, but NO iPads or Tablets. Bring conductive things you’d like to try out- fruit, Play-Doh, metal doodads, toy trucks, etc. And buy your snacks from our gracious host, Little Beans Cafe a “family cafe and imaginative playspace for kids.” Little Beans Cafe has classes, events, “date night” drop-offs, drive-in cardboard car movies for the kids, and more.

Children attending should be no younger than 6 years.

FREE for all children and C3 Members, $10 for non-member or non-affiliates of C3.

Come hungry and order dinner from Little Bean’s great selection of edibles!

March 18, 2015

Little Beans Cafe
1809 W Webster
Chicago IL

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