Getting started: Create your profile

Create your identity

C3 Web Tutorial Establishing your profile page is the place to start! Not hard, but there are a few steps.

  1. Enter profile fields, be sure to enter “EXTRA” fields.
  2. Create and upload a 150 pixel square head-shot (be descriptive in your file name*)
  3. Create up to 3 portfolios to display your talents
  • * imagine an image library with hundreds of images all named “headshot.jpg.”Create specific file names that include your initials(” _ab”) and other details that describe the file.jpublic150pxSq.png

Once you have logged into the C3 site, you will be forwarded to the dashboard. For those of you who are new to WordPress this is where you will create web content.

Step 1.

From the left select: Users>Your Profile You will then be prompted to fill in details about yourself in the following screen.

Just a thought to keep in mind, you are a blogger now so these fields let your readers know who you are. They are visible on your on your author page.  And referenced by the posts that you make on the site.

Right click on the image at the right
and select view image to view it at a legible size.

*Note you will want to change your password. As the default password is not a secret





Step 2.
Create and upload a head-shot that is 150 pixels square. Create your image in either .jpg or .png format using the graphics application of your choice.

Now you are ready to upload this image to the shared Media Library for the entire site. “Shared” means that every image must have a unique descriptive title. If everyone were to upload an image by the name of “HeadShot.jpg” we’ll have hundreds of files all with the same name. The Media Library will be disorganized and cumbersome.


A helpful hint is to have multiple browser windows or tabs open while editing your posts. so that you can more easily upload, images for inclusion in your post, edit your text and preview. Right clicking on a link will provide you with the options shown here, highlighted in yellow.

Opening Multiple windows or tabs helps











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