Hello Goodbye!

Our theme this year is Re-Emerge, Re-Imagine, and Re-Create, and we’re ready to put the past two difficult years behind us. Join us for our first IRL (in real life) program of 2023: Hello Goodbye! 

There is so much to say GOODBYE to and leave behind as we re-emerge with games songs and activities. Many of us juggled depression and/or anxiety, financial challenges, work that was turned upside down, and dream projects shattered into broken pieces right along with our hearts. Some of us have lost loved ones, dealt with illness, and had relationships run their course, leaving painful voids in our lives.

But that’s all in the past now! We’ll use creative thought, words, movement, music, and art to bid adieu to what will no longer do.

We will say HELLO to health, prosperity, new friendships, better ways of living, open and fuller hearts, and futuristic ways of designing the lives of our dreams.

Say Goodbye!
Come prepared with ideas of what you would like to let go of from the past. Each participant will be given paper, pens, and markers to create a unique image with drawings and/or word art that describes what they would like to say Goodbye to.

Once we are all done, we will joyfully shred the image that no longer serves us – thanking the experiences for their gifts and releasing what no longer serves us.

Say Hello!
What are you envisioning for your future? What experiences, skills and ideas will you bring with you as you re-imagine your life? Are there words, symbols, photographs that are meaningful to you? We’ll create images that represent our dreams for the future, and conclude the program with a cleansing guided meditation.

Each participant can partake in Hello Goodbye as actively or reflectively as they choose. We’ll be having individual experiences together. Participate as much or as little as you would like, and join us for fun, food, laughter, libations, and conversations as we re-create our new worlds.

C3 knows how to end a pandemic! Join us!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
6:30 – Networking and refreshments
7:00 – Say Goodbye to . . .
8:00 – Say Hello to . . .

600 N. Dearborn, Chicago
check in at the security desk and ask to be directed to the Hospitality Suite

Bring a friend and thoughts you want to leave behind (and take with you!) Spread the word! Please register below (walk-ins also welcome).

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