Introduction to Zen Meditation and Breath Work

Creative Health & Wholeness

Covid-19 has certainly made the concept of health top-of-mind for most of us this past year (or is it decade?) and more. And the concept of health includes far more than merely the narrow medical aspect of surviving this particular virus.

Our mental, emotional and financial health are tested daily. We need information, tools, resources, and experiences to enable us to not just survive Covid, but to live our lives with the health and wholeness we desire as creative spirits.

Chicago Creative Coalition is dedicating this program year to bringing opportunities for creative health and wholeness forward.

Zen Meditation and Breath Work

Deepen your relaxation. Relieve stress and anxiety. Develop body, mind and breath for a more vibrant experience of every-day life.

Meditation and breath work are transformative practices that can deepen our connection to the mind and body and help us be more present in our daily lives. These methods can help to develop Hara (center), Kokyu (breath) and Kiai (vital energy).

With regular practice, meditation and breath work can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity and help us cultivate a well-grounded state of awareness. In this interactive workshop you will experience center, breath and energy and for yourself. This is an introduction to what can become a regular daily practice of self-discovery and transformation.

Ron Shereyk
Ron Shereyk is an instructor, practitioner and student of mind-body disciplines, including Zen Meditation, the Integral Bodywork® System, Aikido, TRE™, and Yoga for over 25 years. Ron was named Chief Instructor of Integral Bodywork® in 2019, by Everett Ogawa, Founder of the Integral Bodywork® System. The Integral Bodywork® System incorporates methods derived from Zen practice, martial arts, yoga and deep hands-on bodywork into a way for people to go further in their personal journey. Ron has a full-time professional practice in Chicago where he develops customized programs to suit a wide variety of individual needs. He also teaches at the Japanese Cultural Center.

Zoom Webinar
Tuesday, November 16, 2021
6 – 7:30 p.m.
wear loose fitting clothes suitable for light movement.

C3 Members $10; general admission $15


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