Learn Jam 2.0

learn_jam_2Come sample some delicious bite-sized hors d’oeuvres of knowledge, as we tap the vast and varied skill sets of Chicago Creative Coalition’s members in this hands-on, up-close night of tips, tricks, and demos. Bring something to teach a small group, come to learn something new, or do both at this speed-learning event!

Learn from our masters in design, traditional art, photography, music, and technology… or come share YOUR masterful gift with the world! Teach more than one thing, or come fill up at our “All-you-can-learn buffet!”

Sessions will run for 15 minutes each simultaneously, for the course of the evening. There will be a buzzer every 15 minutes to switch. This can be learners switching AND teachers can switch what they’re teaching, as well as IF they’re teaching. . . or learning.

It’s BYOE (bring your own everything) for this – computers, cameras, art supplies, small table, extension cords or whatever else you need. Nothing flammable, super-messy, or dangerous.

Chairs, tables, and electrical power will be supplied.

Participation is FREE!

Sulzer Regional Library Auditorium
4455 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
March 23rd 2016

6–8:30 pm

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8 thoughts on “Learn Jam 2.0

  1. I am not sure what I have to offer professionally that 3Cers would be interested in learning. If this type of event has happened before, any input would be appreciated.

    Stephen, knowing you guys, I have a feeling that what’s taught is kind of eclectic? Let me know if my assumption is correct and what I suggest to teach is something that might be interesting. Or, would you think something about photography is more appropriate.

  2. Hello,
    I originally wanted to participate but had a work conflict. That has changed and I’m available. I own a photography tour business and teach people the non-technical side. I imagine you may have an abundance of photography sessions but if you don’t or need someone else, I’d love to get involved. I’ve been a reader and sharer for a while but not been able to in past, so this would be an exciting way to start! Please let me know

  3. Teresa,

    We have some more technical photographers, so come teach the creative side and join us.

    We’d be very happy to have you!

    George Berlin
    Programs Director
    Chicago Creative Coalition

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