Micro Meetup: How Slip Jars Keep Ideas From Slipping Away

Every creative knows that great ideas are often fleeting: if they’re not captured at the time they occur, they can drift off into the ether and be lost forever. So what if you had an easy, foolproof system for keeping creative ideas from disappearing and having them always at hand for tomorrow’s inspiration.

C3’s own Alicia Dale has exactly that, and at our latest MicroMeetup on February 7th she’ll show you how you can do the same. As a prolific nonfiction book ghostwriter, podcaster and creative business owner, Alicia knows that every idea — even those that are half-baked — are well worth saving to be later polished into potential future projects. So she devised a method that successfully combines an old-school accessory with a brand-new tool.

Alicia will introduce you to her Slip Jar; a colorful desk repository for slips of paper where she writes down every random thought that’s pulling away her focus from the project at hand. These can be story snippets, visual concepts, catchy phrases, you-name-it. Into the jar they go, and she gets back to work.

Later on, when she’s in search of fodder for a new project, she’ll reach into the jar, pull out a previously-captured thought, and use A.I. to help bring it to life. The tool she uses is QuickWrite AI, and she’ll demonstrate it with real-life examples.

So join us on February 7th and let Alicia show you how to preserve — and polish — your idea flow.

Zoom Webinar
Wednesday, February 7

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