Passion and Purpose: Traci Asher & Warren Perlstein

Artist Speaker Series

When artists create work about things that they care about, they make better art. This series aims to explore all the ways that “passion projects” emerge, evolve, develop, are supported, funded and deployed.

Why do you make the work that you make, and how does it affect change? These are the key questions we pose to participants, who will share their stories in images, words and interactive sessions.

Traci Asher & Warren Perlstein: Conquering Cancer with a Purpose

© Warren Perlstein

“Our dream is that there is purpose in Traci conquering cancer three times,” said photographer and father Warren Perlstein. Cancer thriver Traci Asher wanted to share her story in hope that doing so would help ease the fears of the unknown often felt by women diagnosed with cancer.

With help from her husband James Asher, friends Georgina Cates and Stacy Cain, and father Warren, she documented her life through her three bouts with cancer.

Because everyone makes that journey differently, Traci and Warren, with Dank Haus curator Rosa Gallagher, created an exhibition, 1 Cancer Patient, showcasing Traci’s story and the work of four other cancer thrivers: Sara Peak Convery, Kaitlyn Keely, Jane Michalski, and Nancy Pirri.

© Warren Perlstein

Traci and Warren will discuss the thoughts behind the creation of this project and exhibition, and how the process of documenting her life has affected that journey.

Saturday, June 26, 2021
5:00 p.m. on Zoom

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