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Nate Marks: DesignMarks.biz

DesignMarks.biz: An Innovative Branding and Identity Firm


We are visual, by nature.


“I see” means “I understand.”


But we don’t see and understand everything at once. We first see and identify simple shapes that match images we’ve previously seen, identified and stored in memory.


That’s why a business must have a strong symbol, a “logo” or “servicemark,” to represent itself and its products or services. It is the first and most powerful device for capturing your customer’s attention – on your store on the roadside, on your package on the shelf, on your invoice on the desk.


Our corporate identity and branding work doesn’t just speak for itself – it speaks clearly, strongly and distinctively for each of our clients. Have a look at the business identity programs we’ve done for other clients. You’ll see exactly what we mean.