Program Year 2017-18

There’s a powerful convergence taking place between the fields of Business, Art and Technology — and understanding these new connections is vital for all creative professionals. At C3, our programs are tailored to provide insights and inspiration to help you master this changing landscape.

Oct 11, 2017 – Annual Gallery Walk
C3’s 17th year for our private tour exploring Chicago art galleries with Chicago Gallery News.

November – Design & Create in VR
Join Chicago Creative Coalition and make paintings with strokes that twirl and dance around you in 3D or create virtual sculptures that you can build from all angles!

Dec 17, 2017 – Annual Holiday Party
Ho, Ho, Ho! Warm up the oven, stretch your throttle fingers and grab those unwanted gifts and join Chicago Creative Coalition members for our annual Holiday Party!

Jan 17, 2018 – Trademarks & Copyright
Protecting your ideas and safeguarding your print, video and audio work has never required more vigilance than today when many social media users share whatever content they wish without thinking twice.

February 2018 – Business for Life 1: Where Do You Get Your Inspiration? 
Whether creativity is an integral part of your business life or something you use for personal fulfillment, we all need a muse or well-spring to tap into to get us rolling. Who do you turn to for amazing inspiration? How does your environment open
your mind to new connections? Get inspired read more >

March 2018 – Business for Life 2: Tools for Making Money Read More…

April 2018 – Business for Life 3
Details soon.

May 2018 – Business for Life 4
Details soon.

June 2018 – Member Gallery Show  | Avondale Restaurant Crawl
Details in March.

June 2018 – C3 Annual Meeting
Details soon.