Program Year 2022

January 2022 – MicroMeetup
Create on the Fly
George Berlin
Expand your creative toolkit with the tech you’ve already got. Recording of presentation.

February 2022 – Creative Health & Wholeness
Shape-ology: Is Your Physical Shape a Creative Asset?
Cyaira Adams
Cyaira professes that your outside presence reflects how you feel on the inside: there’s no way around it. She passionately evangelizes and demonstrates that YOUR shape is the best shape. More info.

March 2022 – Creative Health & Wholeness
Ernest Wong

Renowned landscape architect and guests discuss shaping our environment.

April 2022 – Creative Health & Wholeness
Creative Mash-Up
How do designers who live in different creative worlds work together? Join us for a rousing panel discussion among groups of collaborators exploring how they communicate across disciplines to make incredible art. More info.

2021 Past Events

Getting through this pandemic while still offering valuable support for creative endeavors continues to be Chicago Creative Coalition’s goal.

January 2021 – Passion and Purpose: Artist Speaker Series
Would You Hide Me?
Beth Lane
Beth talks about her film documenting the survival of her family members during the Holocaust. More info.

February 2021 – Passion and Purpose: Artist Speaker Series
Personal Projects: Creating with a Purpose
Mary Rafferty
Mary talks about how to get the most out of personal projects. More info.

March 2021 – Steven Fischer’s Wonderful, Happy, Cartoony Workshop
Writer/producer/director/cartoonist/animator Steven Fischer uses interactive exercises to stretch your creative muscles.  More info.

March 2021 – Passion and Purpose: Artist Speaker Series
Creative Cross Training
Paul Elledge
Photographer extraordinaire talks about the importance of building your creative muscles. More info.

April 2021 – Passion and Purpose: Artist Speaker Series
Sharing Light and Love in Dark Times
George Berlin
Creative Genius discusses his recent sojourn in the mountains of Taiwan. More info.


2020 Past Events

January 2020 – The Lean Business Plan: Advanced Basics for Creative Businesses #1
A hands-on program where each attendee will leave with a basic Business Plan.

February 2020 – Finding & Communicating Your Value: Advanced Basics for Creative Businesses #2
Every creative has to have something special to offer their prospective clients, something they do better or differently than their peers. This program will help you identify and talk about your specialty.

April 2020 – You’re Always Selling: Advanced Basics for Creative Businesses #3
Sales for Creatives. It’s not a dirty word, and it’s not beneath you as an exalted artiste. It’s what every creative needs to do to be successful, in whatever field they pursue. 

April 2020 – Telling Your Story | Sharpening Your Brand Profiles
How long has it been since you updated your social media profile? Today, you can’t afford to let it sit with outdated, dusty information — because it’s the first place your reputation is judged. This special April meeting is a collaborative effort where IWOC and C3 members can help each other bring their online personas up to date. Live feedback will be given. Participants will be asked to send Links to their Linkedin profile or their website when registering.  REGISTER

May 2020 – The Soul of Freelancing
Freelancing is no longer seen as what people who couldn’t cut it at a company do instead. It’s the preferred mode of working for many, and not everyone can make it on their own. This program will look at what it takes to be successful as a solo entrepreneur.

June 2020 – Annual Meeting
Miniature golf, food and drink, and a recap of the year by C3’s Directors.

July 2020 – Program Planning BBQ
The open get-together where all these great ideas are generated, in between the beer and brats and bean burgers.

2019 Past Events

Sep 25, 2019 – Social Media Elevated
If you’re a content provider, agency creative, brand manager or anyone looking to ramp up your image, you’ll want to join Chicago Creative Coalition and our panel of social media gurus at Zacuto Studios in Chicago.

October 2019 – 21st Annual Gallery Walk
Led by a staff member of Chicago Gallery News, we will visit three galleries and be walked through their current shows by the gallery manager or owner, finishing up with a little wine and cheese-time to discuss what we’ve just seen.

November 2019 – Operating in MeatSpace
No matter how much time you spend in CyberSpace, you need to take care of your body and mind. Experts will take us through some simple things we can do to stay healthy.

December 2019 – Holiday Party
Always a fun networking event for C3 members and family – food, drink and fun! WhirlyBall is tentatively on the schedule for this year.