Program Year 2018-19

There’s a powerful convergence taking place between the fields of Business, Art and Technology — and understanding these new connections is vital for all creative people. At C3, our programs are tailored to provide insights and inspiration to help you master this changing landscape.

Dec 15, 2018 – Holiday Pajama Party
Ho, Ho, Ho! Grab some food and your favorite jammies  for our annual Holiday Party!

Jan 30, 2019 – Organize Your Shi_!
As work (life?) becomes increasingly digital, there is a growing need amongst professionals who utilize and create photos (or other types of image files) to be able to manage them so they are actually findable and usable in a daily workflow. Caroline Gunter, a CPO (Certified Photo Organizer — who knew!) will help us each learn to create a system that works for our individual needs.

Feb 27, 2019 – Improv for Life
Improvisation is more than just a way to get laughs. It’s about a way of being present in a situation where listening, clearly communicating and supporting others can lead to the connections that will help you succeed. Improv consultant Mark Carter will teach attendees some basic skills and ways of interacting that will forever change how you engage with others.

March 21, 2019 – Listening with Your Eyes
Communication is more than just spoken words. As a social being, our posture, expressions and movements are key to the impressions we make on others. Alison Henderson, a non-verbal communication specialist, will help attendees learn the basics of whole body communication, and also how to read and understand visual cues from others.

April 24, 2019 – Master Your Inner Game
It is a rare individual who can go into a presentation – whether to an individual or a large audience – without any anxiety. Creative business consultant Carolyn Potts will work with attendees on how to master their minds and emotions to prepare to be wholly present when presenting their work.