Creative Business Resources

Here’s where you’ll find information on the commercial, fine side of creativity, for and about designers, illustrators, printers, copywriters, photographers and other communications arts practitioners, as well as running your own small company and succeeding in today’s world. Look for advice on pricing your services, legal issues with intellectual property and copyright, plus tips on self-promotion, finding new clients and dealing with difficult and/or slow-paying clients.



C3 sponsor Workbook brings artists and creatives together. Workbook is the industry-leading resource for finding qualified commercial photographers, illustrators, videographers, animators and other visual artists through our powerful website and our biannual printed publications.

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Lawyers for the Creative Arts

Lawyers for the Creative Arts provides free legal services to financially eligible clients in all areas of the arts—visual, music, dance, literary, digital media, arts education, and much more.  We help individuals and organizations with business issues, contracts, copyrights, trademarks, and many other legal areas.

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