C3 Upcycling at Chicago Art Mart


Chicago Art Mart—A Festival of Creative Re-Use—Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary is happening at Superior Street Center for the Arts Saturday May 2 from noon–8pm at 2744 W. Superior Street. Gathering artisans, makers and fine artists from throughout the Chicago area, Chicago Art Mart captures the essence of everything upcycled and recycled. Featuring one of a kind wearable art, functional sculpture, fine art, and home decor by emerging artists who are turning throwaway items into fabulous new things!books250x250

Chicago Creative Coalition will be hosting an upcycling workshop at the event as a way of getting guests involved in some hands-on activities. C3 is setting up 4 work stations for creating upcycled art.

  • Mosaic – using old Xmas cards and paint chips
  • Sculpture – using cardboard, tin, wood scraps
  • 3D music sculpture – using a variety of found objects
  • Hanging Sculpture – using cork and recycled CDs

We’ll have materials on-hand but feel free to bring in your old holiday cards, paint chips, cardboard, tin cans, corks, dvds, cds, musical instrument parts and anything else that we may use for this workshop. Workshops will take place from 2–6pm. Mention C3 at the door for entry.

For more information check out chicagoartistsresource.org/calls-for-artists/upcycling-extravaganzachicagoartmart.com or their facebook page, facebook.com/chicagoartmart.

Sponsored by the Superior Street Center for the Arts, Chicago Creative Coalition and The Wasteshed.

Focusing Our Mission

The Board of Directors of Chicago Creative Coalition engaged in strategic planning in spring 2013 and emerged with a more focused Mission:

Chicago Creative Coalition enriches, educates and inspires creative lives. We provide the framework for creative collaboration through insightful, educational programming and unique opportunities for networking and creative expression.

This Mission Statement better reflects the direction and vision of the not-for-profit collective. Much of our membership has come to realize that being creative in whatever they choose to do is a defining feature of their identity; and whether the output is fine art, craft, a commercial job or just the way they live their lives, it is as necessary to them as oxygen.

Chicago Creative Coalition endeavors to support the creative spirit in all of Us.