The home page “slider”

tutorial … just to make sure everyone understands what is possible for the homepage slider ….

  • The slider elements are “fed” via settings made on posts created in the “featured stories” category
  • Remember: wordpress allows for double categories so any item could be added to this group
  • Each piece of the slider is linked (via the image) to the relevant post
  • The elements fed to the slider are: image | title | excerpt
  • The title of the slide is the title of the post
  • Settings for: image & description – are best set via the “dynamic content metabox” settings in the right sidebar in post edit view
  • The number of “slides” can be set, or can show all members of the “featured stories” category
  • The slides are shown in reverse chronological order
  • This means that if there are more items in the group than the specified number of slides – the older posts/slides will drop out of the rotation
  • And adjusting the publish date of a post will control the order of the post/slide shown

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