What Actors Can Bring To Wear For A Shoot

Actors always want to know what to bring to a shoot. What’s too much clothing? What’s not enough? It all depends on the goals for your shoot, and the ultimate purpose for your shots. Is it for theater? For modeling? Is it a true headshot or half-body? You’re not sure? The following will help you figure out what to pack for the day of your shoot. The important thing is to figure this out, or at least think about it, before the day of the shoot, so that you’re not stressed at the last minute packing what to bring.

Clothing in general: bring a wide range—from relaxed to dressy, depending on the type of shot(s) you need (industrial, commercial, theatrical, etc.). Bring what you love to wear, because everyone looks good in the clothing that they love, provided it’s neat, unwrinkled, and without logos. If you really feel like bringing something, bring it; it’s worse if you wish you’d brought something and didn’t. No matter what clothes you bring, they should all fit you well, be clean, and unwrinkled. If it’s wrinkled or stained, the camera will catch that.

Shirts/blouses/tops: bring lots—button-down shirts (men), blouses (women), T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, etc., and tops with interesting textures, necklines, or collars. High-necked tops, like turtlenecks, though, usually don’t work. Pastels like baby blue or vivid colors like bright red might negatively affect skin tone. Avoid wearing all black or all white, unless you’re layering. Some patterns can work—only the camera can tell for sure. If you like it, bring it! It will be easy to tell right away if a piece of clothing isn’t going to read well. If you have lighter eyes (blue, green, light hazel, etc.), bring some tops that you know make your eyes pop. If you’re planning on layering, don’t forget T-shirts, camisoles, etc.

Pants: bring or wear a pair of neat jeans that fit well and aren’t torn, ripped, or otherwise too distressed. If you want more than just casual shots (for example, industrial/spokesperson), bring dressier slacks or a suit.

Hair: if you want or need a haircut, get one about a week before the shoot.

The long and short of it is, the best option is to have lots of options.

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