What’s Your Super Power?

Re-emerge, Re-imagine, Re-create
A series of programs to help us successfully shake off the miasma created by the pandemic. In order to Re-, we need to first know who we are and where we are at.

Enneagram Workshop
Individualist. Skeptic. Perfectionist.
What’s Your Super Power?

FREE Zoom Workshop September 14

If you were to describe your essence in just two words, would you be the good reformer, the loving giver, the effective achiever, the original romantic, the wise observer, the loyal skeptic, the joyful adventurer, the powerful protector, or the peaceful mediator?

We each share aspects of the nine universal personality types called The Enneagram. Powerful insights begin to resonate when we find and explore the type we fall within.

In this introductory workshop, you will be introduced to the nine types and learn how to use this information to increase your self-awareness and improve relationships with others. With a close and honest look at yourself, you will find yourself shifting to living more often to your creative, thriving side and away from the less resourceful, less tuned-in side.

Rosemary Hurwitz, MA, PS 

Rosemary is passionate about an inner-directed life, and she found the focus for it in the Enneagram, a personality to higher consciousness paradigm respected and practiced worldwide. Since her certification in 2001, she has studied, taught, and coached for self-awareness and emotional wellness with the Enneagram and the intuitive process. She is an Accredited Professional Member of the International Enneagram Association. Rosemary teaches at The Theosophical Society of America, The Present Moment, Be Optimal, Common Ground, and others in Chicago and virtually. She has been published in ten inspirational anthologies, including The Courageous Heart, Finding Strength in Difficult Times, launched on Amazon on October 22, 2020. Rosemary is the author of many 5-Star books on Amazon including the best seller, “Who You Are Meant To Be, The Enneagram Effect.”

Connect at:  www.spiritdrivenliving.com  www.Facebook.com/rosemaryhurwitz www.instagram.com/enneagram_empowerment, www.twitter.com@rosemaryhurwitz www.linkedin.com/rosemaryhurwitz

C3 PROGRAM: Enneagram Workshop on Zoom
Wednesday, September 14, 2022

6:30 – 8:00 pm

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