With Apologizes to Mr. Hine or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the iPhone

Throughout my career I have accumulated quite an assortment of cameras. 10+ Nikon 35mm’s, 3 Nikon Professional DSLR’s, 2 Hasselblads, 1 studio view camera, a drawer full of point and shoots… Well, you get the picture (pun intended). So I can certainly understand my wife Linda’s eye rolling when she sees me grab my iPhone to take a picture. I went kicking and screaming into iPhoneography, in fact I didn’t even like the word. But I’m a convert. Here’s the thing about iPhoneography: it’s fun. Although I’m not a huge Hipstamtic fan, I do enjoy the random, uncertainty of the outcome when using that app. Sort of a digital Holga. But I do use other apps regularly to post process the images (more on my favorites in a future post), and often use the photos with no enhancement at all.

For a photographer whose typical workday begins by loading his van to capacity with photo gear, being able to reach in my pocket for a camera is, on occasion, a real treat. Following are a few of my favorite iPhone photos, some of which I prefer to the Nikon versions I shot at the same time.


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